Sunday, January 17, 2010

Look Who Has a New Post!

I've got to get this show on the road....

New Project: Memories of Monet

Here is a black and white picture of the pattern.  Here is a link to the actual pattern, in glorious color.

  This is the center "focus fabric" and the fabric for the flying geese... the third picture is just the fabric for the flying geese.  I'm not so sure about our "focus fabric" now... It looks too similar to my "dark" fabrics... the "sky" around the "geese".

  This is the fabric for the flying geese... the yellow-green is the "pop" .....

The next picture shows my fabric and tools for the flying geese and the tri-squares.  I'm going to call them "tri-squares" instead of "Peaky and Spike" or "triangle in a square", just to save time.  In my heart, they will always be "Peaky and Spike", in honor or Doreen Speckman.