Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting Old

Who said "Getting old is not for sissies"? Somebody like Bette Davis, or Katharine Hepburn. Well, they weren't kidding. My mother, 83 years old, slid off the bed while putting on her socks and knocked her new hip out of it's socket. She got her new hip while I was in Norfolk this summer welcoming my BEAUTIFUL baby granddaughter into the world. I have spent the past three summers with my mom because she was developing a habit of falling and hitting her head every summer. She must REALLY like those trauma nurses in Dayton, Ohio. This time she didn't hit her head, so she stayed in Springfield and is getting to be very popular with the orthopedic/physical therapy crowd. Well, I guess it keeps her out of the bars!

I really appreciate all the kind remarks I've received regarding my blog.... Of course, I DID have fantastic people to follow! Don't praise me, praise yourselves! I just did what you all had figured out....

Hopefully I will get some pictures on here soon... I think Gena's "picture a day" is a great idea.... It's got to be a quick way to post something....

1 comment:

  1. Pics with no words are SOOOO easy! Especially when the hard part of picking the photo is already done.

    And your camera should be there Monday or Tuesday so start snapping away!!

    I hope to start writing again tomorrow night. This last growth spurt destroyed me.

    Keep up the good work :)